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Soror Quotations
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Unsung Soror Quotations



"Unfortunately, as I have grown older, I have seen so many of those earlier gains dissipate. Our youth need to know more about the early struggles and sacrifices we made for the rights and privileges they enjoy today. They were not just handed down to them. Many came through much suffering, blood, sweat and tears. I still have in my possession a post card that showed racism and insensitivity when I became president of the NAACP. Someone cut my photo out of the newspaper, pasted a photo of a gorilla beside my photo and inserted the caption, COUSIN. That was motivation for me to do work harder for civil rights".

"I believe FREEDOM is everybody’s business. The call is greater today than ever. We need to support those organizations that go to bat daily for our freedom and liberty".

"Civil rights, human rights, freedom, peace, justice and dignity are qualities and possessions due each and every person, regardless of their origin, age, religious belief and status in life. Those values were part of my upbringing. I believe that vigilance is the price of freedom, or we as a people are doomed".

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