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Alpha Kappa Alpha Contributions to the Civil Rights Timeline

nashville-sit-ins 400As the nation reaches the 50th anniversary of the modern Civil Rights movement, the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, has developed an exhibit to document and celebrate the civil rights heritage of our sorority and its individual sorors.  Their stories, together with vintage and contemporary photographs, publications, memorabilia, and audio-visual materials have been collected by the members of the International Archives Committee to be presented in this online exhibit and within the Unsung Sorors of the Civil Rights Movement museum  exhibit at Boule 2012.

Over the years, many of our sorors played critical roles and made personal sacrifices in the struggle for civil and human rights.   Across this country our sorors stood up and spoke up to the entrenched power of segregation and racism. They stopped riding city buses and started walking for freedom. They filed lawsuits to combat the nation’s Jim Crow laws and built a record of victory.   

Sorors became Freedom Riders and participated in voter registration drives. They served on boards, worked with the major organizations of the movement, including the NAACP, the American Council on Human Rights, CORE, and SNCC, raised money to help pay fines, bail, and defense fees, and generally provided leadership for the nonviolent resistance.  They led the unforgettable songs of the day because they knew, “A Change Is Gonna Come.”  The change is still coming, and we cannot forget our history.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Unsung Sorors of the Civil Rights Movement Timeline

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